We are all aware of the benefits of gardening and getting outdoors, particularly after the lockdown left many people stuck in their homes for months. But what if you don’t have a garden?

There has been a huge demand for allotments during the pandemic, and they’re great ways to ensure you get a fresh supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. Allotments, for the uninitiated, are plots of land given to local communities to allow them to grow their own fruit and veg.

You can typically rent an allotment from your local council or a private landlord, however, the waiting lists can be rather lengthy, so get applying for one now!

We have a look here at the benefits of having access to an allotment.

1. Exercise

From the intensive land clearing process to begin with, to the plating and watering once you’ve got it going, keeping an allotment is an excellent form of exercise for anyone, as it allows you to set your own pace.

2. You eat more fruit and vegetables

A bit of study about gardening will soon provide you with a bounty of homegrown, pesticide-free, nutritious fruit and vegetables. You allotment will provide a great way to encourage a more nutritious diet.

3. Help the environment

By growing your own fruit and veg, you will reduce your personal carbon footprint compared to shop-bought alternatives, and you will help limit the amount of packaging used. You will also limit the number of pesticides and other harmful chemical released into the soil.

4. Sense of community

Keeping an allotment is a great way of making new friends, and find a sense of belonging in a new community.

5. Routine, project work and daily maintenance

If you’re trying to find a sense of purpose, whether you’re retired, on furlough, or just have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, keeping an allotment is a project that will require planning, daily tasks, and routine, and the end results can be exceptionally rewarding.

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