It is often said that it is darkest before the dawn, and once we see the bitter end of a frosty winter season, it is time to enjoy the first bloom of spring.

Once you start seeing the return of daffodils or the flowering of lilac bushes, or at some point in March, it is time to get back in the garden and get the lawn ready to grow again. Here are the first steps you should take to get your lawn ready to grow.

Assess Your Soil

Soil compaction, as well as acidity issues, are major potential problems that can emerge from a tough winter, so if you have noticed any compaction or erosion, top up your lawn with quality organic topsoil.

Rake The Lawn

Raking your garden is about more than getting rid of dead leaves, but helps to get rid of thatch, dead grass blades and look for matted patches in the lawn.

Aerate If Needed

In extreme cases of soil compaction, or if you see moss, you may need to aerate your lawn. Spring is not the best time to aerate as it can help weeds to grow but in some case can be needed.


If you have a lot of bare patches in your lawn, sow some grass seed over your existing grass to help improve grass coverage.


Using compost and mulch, top up the fertiliser you laid down in the Autumn. You do not need too much, as over fertilising will help weeds to grow on your lawn.

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