One of the best ways to help enhance your top quality soil and ensure healthier growth in your garden is by making your own compost.

Composting, at its core, is plants and other organic waste that is allowed to decompose and will eventually turn into a highly nutritious feed for your plants.

Here are some simple steps to make high quality compost.

Choose Your Bin

You can theoretically use nearly any container as a compost bin, but there are dedicated ones which will aid the process and help you get the compost out at the end.

Choose Your Materials

Compost is made of three main ingredients;

  • Green Materials: grass clippings, plants, vegetables, coffee grounds and other kitchen waste that is high in nitrogen.
  • Brown Materials: newspaper, wood chips, dry leaves and other material high in carbon.
  • Water: water brings the compost together, but make sure you have the right amount to make sure the compost does not rot unhealthily.

Make sure to break them down to encourage them to compost quicker.

Turn The Pile

Every few days you will need to turn the compost over to make sure all the materials break down evenly. The best way to do this is to start from the outside and push the compost inwards until it is suitably mixed.

Be Patient

The mixture will take a few months to compost unless you are using an airtight method to speed up the process. Keep turning and gradually adding more of your materials and more water, and it will eventually become a wonderfully nutritious compost to sprinkle onto topsoil.

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