Topsoil is more than simply the surface layer of soil in your garden. A good topsoil is comprised of essential nutrients to help you grow the beautiful flowers, shrubs and vegetables that bring your garden or allotment to life.  Settling for a poor-quality mixture could seriously impact on the overall health of your plants.

Poor quality soil can be a particular problem in new-build homes, where the healthy topsoil has been cleared away during the construction work. The soil left behind is often either cloddy and stony, or overly sandy and fine in texture. You will notice that it doesn’t absorb water well, leading to puddling and even floods.

You might assume that because your new garden is full of weeds, then it will be able to grow other plants without difficulty. However, weeds grow in abundance for a reason —they are tough plants that have become proficient at thriving with the minimal amount of water and nutrients.

To grow the vibrant and high-yielding plants that will make your garden a delight to work and relax in, you will need to make sure the soil is rich in nutrients and not contaminated with chemicals. For flower beds, borders, and growing fruit and vegetables, not many gardens will naturally have the very best earth; all areas tend to have some disadvantages.

So, what exactly should you be looking for when buying topsoil for your garden? Firstly, check out its texture. If the soil is full of stones or grit, thick roots, and fragments of glass and brick, steer well clear. Check if your supplier can verify their sources, as imported soil may introduce invasive plants to your garden.

The best quality topsoil meets the British Standard BS 3882:2015. This means that it contains high levels of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, and will be free of pollutants. In appearance, it will be a rich colour, non-sticky, and sweet-smelling!

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