Spring is here, and with that many of us are stepping back out into the garden and trying to survey how much damage winter has done to their plants, trees and lawn.

This is, however, also when one of the biggest questions in gardening begins to get asked; when should you mow your lawn?

Monty Don, the host of Gardener’s World, stoked the debate by suggesting it would be better to let your lawn grow out a little bit and only give it a light trim. This protects your grass and ensures it can enjoy the nutrients from your quality topsoil, as well as encouraging wildlife.

Of course, there is no one answer to the question of mowing your lawn, and it depends on where you live, the type of grass on your lawn and the type of lawn you want.

Generally, the first mow in spring should be a very light cut, setting the cutting height on your mower to its highest setting. Then, every time you mow gradually lower this setting until you reach the height you want.

For a conventional short to medium length lawn, you will want to mow weekly over spring, up to twice-weekly over the summer unless there is a drought and back to weekly in autumn as you prepare for winter.

Of course, if you have a flower-rich or long grassed lawn, you will likely need to mow far less and only during particularly vigorous growth in the summer months.

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