If you’ve never grown any fruit in your garden before, you might think it is the preserve of the most experienced and dedicated gardeners only. However, there are several delicious and low maintenance fruits that can easily be grown in the UK. Here’s how to get started with a couple of popular varieties.

1. Strawberries

You can create a strawberry patch anywhere in your garden, and they are also ideal for growing in pots, planters, and raised beds. The plants not only add an attractive cottagey charm to your garden, but also produce the most delicious fruit!  They thrive best in well-drained soil which is rich in nutrients and in full sun.

Plant outdoors from late June until September. Each plant will produce fruits for five or six years, although it may take a couple of years for them to reach full yields. Dig the soil over well, and plant in rows 35cm apart. Water well and feed with a product that’s high in potassium.

2. Raspberries

Raspberries are easy to grow, and a mixture of summer and autumn-fruiting varieties will provide crops right from midsummer to mid-autumn. They are also a very versatile fruit, which can be stored in the freezer, and made into sauces, puddings and jams.

Raspberries prefer moist, sightly acidic soils in sunny positions. Avoid windy spots, as they are pollinated by insects, and also may break in strong winds. They can be grown in containers or in a plot. They will need a post and wire system for support if in rows, or a single post for a container or very small patch of garden.

Clear the site of weeds before planting and add a layer of manure or good quality topsoil. Space the plants about 50-60cm apart if in rows. Prune regularly for ample crops throughout the season.

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