Calculating how much topsoil you need

A good quality topsoil is at the root of all successful landscaping projects; creating a stable base for hard landscaping, giving a newly laid lawn the best start, encouraging flowers to bloom, plants to thrive and boosting the productivity of your fruit and vegetable patch.

When planning any gardening or landscaping project one of the questions you are likely to ask yourself is “How much topsoil will I need?” It is certainly one of the questions that we get asked the most!

The answer will depend on the size and depth of the area, the amount and quality of existing soil in situ (if any) and also what you are using the area and topsoil for.

Assuming that there is some existing natural soil present at the site in question, it is advisable to have this tested. Soil testing will provide values of the different nutrients in the soil and its level of acidity. The properties and quality of the current soil will really determine the depth your new topsoil has to be. For instance, soil giving results of lower nutritional values and higher alkalinity would require additional topsoil. Once you come to know the fertility of the soil this will aid you in deciding on the depth of topsoil you need for your gardening project to be a success.